Hurt roo - need advice


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Feb 24, 2007
My lovely buff orpington roo has shown up with a clean cut across his middle toe. Have no idea what he got into, but it is bleeding and other chickens are pecking at it. I am about to sequester him in a kennel until he is well but wonder what you suggest to treat this injury. I will wash it with iodine solution and don't expect he will tolerate a bandage. Is it a good idea to tar something like this, and where do I get just a small amount of tar?

Not a total newbee, but not an expert, either.

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i would guess just a little wash. (to kill bacteria) and then a bandage. really i probably wouldn't put a bandage on it unless its pretty bad. i would separate him though. others pecking it can make matters worse. but you dont need me to tell you that lol. even someone new could figure that out. its common sense :}
THanks, DT. If I find more than the one cut under all the dried blood, I may try a bandage. would you wrap the toe and tie it around his leg? Wonder how long that will last?

* Wash it with anti-bacterial soap in COLD water, apply some pressure to slow/stop the bleeding, put on disinfectant, and band-aids. Keep him on clean, soft surfaces awhile, out of the dirt and out of the coop. TRY to find out what he got cut on and fix it.
I would do just a good iodine wash, and blue kote/wound kote. This will help keep the others from pecking it as well. You can get it at any farm supply. I hope he is ok, i just love my Buff orp roo!

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