Hurting badly--missing my roo, miscarriage mentioned


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
My darling rooster Arlo died in June. I am having a rough time, still mourning him deeply. September would have been the month my son was born if he had lived, around the 12th. The only reason I wasn't dragged off to the nearest funny farm last February when Seanna died was because of Arlo, who filled my arms & my heart & who I loved with every fiber of my being. I am wondering if I may get some positive feelings & such. I hide it from Nathan, but I am hurting so badly. I cry every night. Yesterday I called my bunny "Big Fella" & that was my nickname for my Arlo, & I havn't said it since he died, & I cried. I miss him so much.

I know getting over a miscarriage is very difficult. Your hormones are geared up into overdrive to nurture your new baby and
suddenly there is nothing. People do not like to talk about and tend to give you the cold shoulder because they are uncomfortable.
You'd be suprised how many women go through having a miscariage entirely on their own. I'm sorry about your little roo. We all
begin and end, some are on this earth a little longer that's all. Why not write a little children's book about your roo? That way you can
remember him in a happy way when you read to your grandchildren one day.
I did write a wee book called the Wonder Chicken. Hurts to read it. I used to read it to Arlo (as absurd as that sounds) That rooster made me feel human again
I agree with Violetsky. Miscarriage is not fun....been thru it myself, alone with very little support. It just sucks all round but it just makes me a stronger woman.

Sorry about your can have another one when you are ready!

I had a friend who miscarried several times. After the first time, when I saw her I told her I was sorry and that we could talk about it if she wanted or I could pretend nothing had happened. She got all teary-eyed and said I was the first person who had said anything other than sorry before trying to brush it all off. My theory (and please feel free to correct me, I can handle the criticism) is that we are women. We communicate everything and do it verbally. We deal with happiness by telling everyone but for some reason feel that when its sad news we can't share. That's crap. Share. We will listen if that's what you need. Get mad, get sad. It is the only way you can ever heal and if nothing else, it means you're still alive. And when you're ready, we'll go back to chickens!!
I've been pregnant 5 times, one living daughter who was taken away from me after her dad died. I may be strong but I am not infallible. I wish I didn't have to be
Its Arlo I am missing badly, I had him for 14 terrific, blissful months, & I carried him everywhere, slept with him, hand fed him, sang him to sleep, generally treated him like royalty. (In my mind he wasn't a chicken, but a little person in a chicken suit) He was the happiest rooster alive, he loved his baths, which he had to get often because his legs were nearly paralyzed & he would get poopies on his butt. He was so calm & sedate, & he loved being wrapped in a warm towel & rocked. I even kept the wet wipes warm for him so his butt wouldn't get a chill!!!

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