husband found my babies :(

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    well the story goes, hubby said no more babies inside so I can not get any to stay in brooder, but he said "inside" so when I got a mama that had some chicks I couldn't say no, so I brought them home (husband knew about the older chickens just not the babies) so I brought home a built a little lean to with all the bells and whistles for the new arrivals, well today he was out mowing for the first time this year and I think he spooked the mama into moving the babies and he saw them.
    when I got home he told me that they had to go because he said no more babies, but I told him that he said no more in the house, he told me they had to go, we had to many bird as it is (I don't think we have to many, 5 delawares, 2 black sex links, 2 isa browns, 1 RIR, 1 aracauna, 3 guinea hens, 2 EE roosters, 4 cochin bantams, 2 pekins...... that is not to many right!!!!!)
    so I guess I am going to have to do a better hiding of them next time when one of the birds go broody, but hey the little fuzz butts are super cute and I know my hubby will let me keep them, maybe he really doesn't have a choice, but if any of the babies are rooster I will have to get rid of them b/c 2 is enough, but the girls will have a home here, no matter what he says!!!
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    A marriage is an equal partnership. Does he have a valid reason why the chicks can not stay? I doubt he does. If not my defense is always: I maintain the house, take care of the kids and animals. What does it matter if I have them. It's not hurting you. Just don't get rid of them. I too, find a little more action in the bedroom usually shuts them up too.
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    Quote:[​IMG] True...funny.....but true.

    I do hope you can work this out with your hubby so that you are both happy with the end result. [​IMG]

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