Hygrometer test with damp handtowel

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  1. I know lots of people have asked this question, but I am asking it with a twist. I used the damp handtowel method.

    For those unaware of this method, you dampen a handtowel and wrap the hygrometer for 8 hours. If it is correct the humidity will be 99-100%

    Well I am only about 2 hours in and already reached 99% humidity. Does that mean it is correct or way off? Am I safer to use the salt method and if so I need more reliable instructions [​IMG]
  2. pjquail

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    Aug 7, 2014
    I'm not so sure I've heard of either of those methods[​IMG] But I'm not saying they're wrong. I just use a temp. & humidity monitor and that works great for me. It was only like $9 which is a fairly good deal. I'm hatching bobwhite quail eggs so the humidity has to be around 45% and a wet cloth in a large container of water with a sponge helps with regulating the humidity too. Hope this helps at all! [​IMG]

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