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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by dearnley, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. dearnley

    dearnley In the Brooder

    May 26, 2013
    i know my gunea hen was out in zero degree weather for about 8 hours i couldnt get her in and had to get to work
    i did bring her in for the night when i got home 1 am . in the am she was crying i fed her she didnt really eat
    i then put her back in the coop with her family
    She aint rite last night she was like in a stupor!!! my son climbed under one of the coops tro get her she didnt raise a stink
    like she would have normally she slept in nesting box (weird)
    today which is day 2 since the incident she is staying in
    moving hay around and laying in it...
    i dont want to keep opening door to the coop
    ???? willl she be better as time goes on
    she isnt her usual noisey self!!![​IMG]

  2. dearnley

    dearnley In the Brooder

    May 26, 2013
    wow no one has any thought or information[​IMG]
  3. dearnley

    dearnley In the Brooder

    May 26, 2013
    well she still aint rite this will be 3rd nite
  4. Julic

    Julic In the Brooder

    Jul 28, 2013
    Whatever happened to your Guinea? I just got a pair of adults and they are my first. They go in a coop at night but it is not heated. We keep having those single digit temps at night and I am concerned.
  5. atmaclean

    atmaclean Songster

    May 21, 2012
    Belews Creek, NC
    I just saw your post. I have about 50 guineas. They stay outside at night even though I have a coop they can go in. The only time that some of them will come in at night is if it is raining hard. I do have a few who come in and sleep with the chickens every night but there are only maybe 2-4 that will do that. The rest sleep in the trees. I tried to get them in when the temps got into the single digits but I couldn't. I really feared that I would find frozen birds in the morning, but they were all ok and flew down from their trees and carried on as usual. I've never seen or had one that acted strange after being outside on a cold night.

    I do make sure that I always have unfrozen water and food available for them - I know that is critical. They often seek shelter under trees when it is raining and they will go in and out of their coop - but don't stay in there at night.

    If your guinea is still acting strange, you should probably get her to your vet or at least bring her inside to keep a close eye on her and make sure she is eating and drinking and behaving normally.

    Angela in NC

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