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Dec 17, 2020
Hello to all
I’ve never had any pets beside dogs until this spring when I saw the baby chicks and ducks. We have 7 hens, 8 bantam ladies, 1 black silkin bantam, 6 ducks and 2 bantam roosters.... one of which we need to find a new home. I attached his photo if any one may have a good loving home. He’s very nice to people and would be better with a set of normal sized hens.
it has been a learning experience and I still have so many questions. We live in Minnesota. With it getting colder I’m trying to get the coops and runs ready. My husband is a building contractor. That has been a blessing with all my elaborate coop designs and additions for the ones that weren’t playing well with others. I’ll post pictures of our set up... it’s pretty cool.
I just wanted to say hi to everyone and Merry Christmas


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