I am at Day 25 with my eggs !!


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
well it feels like it has been forever waiting for these eggs to get to this point. I am hopeing by this weekend to have 3 little "muttducks" from my own flock. I will stop turning them tonight add as much water as needed and cross my fingers and sit on my hands - and try not to fog up the windows breathing on them while my face is hovering above the bator.

I think I have everything I need in the spare room - there is a computer in there, I have my camera, I have towels, the brooder set up, the potty is just down the hall ( so i dont have to go far
) - blankets and pillows for me - snaks anything else I need?

I am so nervous - about this - I have been reading all the other posts about hatching eggs and think I can do this

wish me luck - I am going to need it

good luck sis just keep your self busy and u wont think about it I did and when I can inside to get a drink and that is when i heard them peeping and running in the bator so I did it u can do it I got faith in you love ya Wish u the best sis
ok last night during the last turning of the eggs I took the time to put in a fresh shelf liner, add water to the wells, I have a dish with water in it but was afraid the baby's would somehow get in there and drown so I took a washcloth rolled it up and put it in there to soak up the water and help keep the humidity up. I also candled them one last time - and all three were moving in there - the air cells look great - one of the ducks has a larger cell then then the others but he was still wiggling in there, two of the cells are not right at the end put kinda off center a little not bad just not perfectly at the end - I think they will be fine though.

Day 26 today -- I woke up and took a look in the bator to check the temp and stare at my eggs ( DID NOT open the bator ) LOL - this is going to be the longest weekend of my life

oh well I can either
and watch them or
to not to think about it ( yea right)

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aww how cute they must be - these babies are going to mixs also - so I really cant wait to see what they look like --
the waiting is awful --

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