I am crying

I'm sorry.
So sorry for whatever happened. MatthewsChicken--god placed me in Va too---I LOVE your horse pic. And I really like the "Oh crap she's up!" line above. Thanks y'all for being out there---this beats buzz all to pieces!
chickensducks&agoose :

oh no, what happened?

I don't know. I am suspecting raccoon.

My brother went out about 8:00 this morning and found several places of feathers. He followed the various piles of feathers and found her in a corner dead. She was not eaten but she said she was tore up bad. But no places that anything ate on her.

Tom is out in the 1/4 acre pasture with the horse and he had never been able to get out there before. So, I think he must have been in danger enough that he somehow was able to get out there.

The chickens were in the same area as Tom and Gertie, and none of them were touched. They were in their house and Tom and Gertie liked to set under the chicken house for at night.

The feathers led up to where she liked to hide out when she sat on eggs this past summer and she used to go there sometimes if like a storm was coming or seemed like if something made her feel 'uneasy'.

I have left Tom in the pasture. I have not been out where Gertie is, I am just not able to go see how bad she is nor deal with seeing her dead. (this is a hard time of year for me anyway and don't do well with anything or anyone dieing this time of year).

Tom stays right on the other side of the fencing, directly across where she is. He does not gobble (usually if he hears my voice he will gobble, or if I gobble, he will respond, but he is not making any sounds at all). And he is keeping his feathers clamped right next to his body. No fan of the tail, no fluffing up his feathers. That little bristle looking thing on his chest is sticking way out. His top knot on his head/beak is not hanging down, but is drawn up to about 1 1/2 inches long. He just walks/trots up and down the fence about 4 - 5 feet either way of where she is.

I am not doing good with this at all.

I know they are animals, and we live in the country and that stuff like this happens to animals, but they were not "just" animals to me. And as I said, this is a really bad time of year for me for death.​
I am so sorry for your loss! I sure know the feeling, I'm always devastated to lose one of my birds.
Mourn for her as much as you need, and know that time is the best healer.

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