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    I have six Silkies that I have raised from when they were little chicks. They will be 7 months old November 15th. I still do not who is a hen nor rooster but I get 5 eggs a day for about 2 months now.

    Now... something happened that was not normal for me. Today, as I was cleaning out my coop with my husband for the upcoming winter months, one of the Silkies was standing odd and it was alarming me. My husband went to pick her up (Thought it was a prolapse at first, got scared) when she suddenly popped out an egg after squatting! Then we cleaned it up before the others could eat it. Had the husband hold her for awhile because she still seemed out of it when she popped out ANOTHER egg onto his foot.

    Both were soft shelled but the insides were fine. I have seen a soft shell egg in there just last month (Had gotten 5 eggs earlier that morning) but I have gotten 5 eggs after that along with this morning before it happened. Is this normal or something I should worry about? She was fine afterwards and wanted nothing to do with us which is her normal feisty self.

    This is very bizarre to me...
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    Wow!!! I've never heard of this! Trying searching in search box for more detailed info. Maybe she was egg bound and your husband helped push it out by picking her up?? I don't know!! Very bizarre! Glad she's ok!!!
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    I just tried searching "laying 2 eggs at once" and all kinds of different posts came up! You should find some answers!!
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    Several of my pullet laid 2 eggs within minutes, some soft some a mix of soft and hard, when they first started laying this year.

    Not really unusual when they first start laying to have some glitches, including what you observed.
    They can act really weird when a softy is moving down the chute.

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