I am in a bad situation with Silkies in Florida, Please help.

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    Dec 18, 2009
    I am in desperate need of help regarding placement of my mother’s Silkies and Show Girls (13 in total). Several weeks ago she had a severe stroke in which she will not recover or be able to return to her home. I cannot take in the flock as I am at 100% capacity with the flock I have and do not have the space to add any housing. These are very special birds that have had the best care and attention to their handling and quality of life. My mother spent time with each of them every day as most of them want nothing more than to be held, carried or cuddled. She had a soundproof 10 X 12 room built into her house that had everything for them from a heated floor to completely separate HVAC. It had full bird bathing facilities and they were washed every 3 weeks. They were only in this room to sleep in the evenings or to come in from the heat of the day. Most of the day they free-range in a walled in backyard. They are fed a soy free custom blend organic feed, bottled water with vitamin supplements and treats 3 times a day of Romaine Lettuce, Black Grapes, Steamed Corn and Watermelon.
    What someone will be getting:

    1. I am splitting 2 stunning white bearded 11 month old Silkie cockerels out of the flock. The need the opportunity to have a flock of their own but I would like to not split them up as they are brothers and have never been apart. They have excellent foot feathering and toe spacing. They are the 2 biggest love-bugs you have ever met.

    2. The remaining 11 are include the following:
    a. 1 White Show Girl Rooster that is 20 Months old and the best rooster anyone could ever find. He is hyper vigilant regarding aerial threats, is super sweet and very handsome. He came from a top breeder in the NE
    b. 4 (2 Chocolate, 2 White) Silkie Hens that age from 21 months to 8 months in age and all are laying. 3 are bearded. They came from a top breeder out of Kentucky.
    c. 1 Silkie Houdan mixed hen that is the only one that is not pure bred and show quality. My mother took her in. She is the most gentle hen I have ever handled.
    d. 5 Chicks that are 6 to 7 weeks old. 3 are white and 2 are black. 3 are Show Girls with very nice bowties. Currently only one has a DQ if you are looking to show.

    3. The all know several commands and a couple of them know their names. They are truly affectionate as they were never bribed with treats as treats came 3 times a day at a special place.

    4. With the 11 I will include a 30 X 50 dog crate for a broody to be separated, several hundred dollars worth of medications, vitamins and supplements (including frontline spray, Tylan, Ivermectin), ceramic warming lights, electric nail trimmers, several shampoos, nesting boxes, bedding, cleaning supplies, feed dishes, books and 50 LBS of Organic Feed.

    1. Must be in Florida as I will deliver them anywhere in the state but I will not ship.
    2. They must go to a home that allows for them to free-range and not live in a confined coop. I know my mother could not live with the idea that they would be caged.
    3. Must be financially able to take care of the birds.
    4. Must have the time to care for them and give them plenty of attention.

    I don’t really know how to find them a good home. I am hoping that someone on this forum can help.

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