i am looking for some turkey coop/yard tips

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    For the coop (which currently is a wall of a barn with an overhanging roof) I am thinking of just putting siding, doors, and windows on it and calling it a day but I still don’t know what to do about their yard. I am thinking I should put some chicken wire over a normal fence just to stay on the safe side and there is no way a turkey can fly out. I wouldn't be able to walk around in it so that would kind of be a pain though. my other idea is to get a tall fence but that didn't work with my chickens [​IMG] and I doubt it will work with turkeys. well if you have any tips/ideas please reply thanks!

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    :lol:I would recommend that you check out the AMerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) info and download their free ALBC Turkey Manual - ch 6 has addresses facilities and fencing

    Also, the very best source of turkey info that I have found is the Rare Heritage Turkey Yahoo Group--


    Lastly, Kevin Porter has beautiful heritage turkeys and some good poult starting tips--

    The key things are that turkeys can fly, they prefer to sleep outside- which mine do; but they are very vulnerable to predators - I have LGDs (livestock guardian dogs).

    Good luck!
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