I am making an incubator. It will not be a still air

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    I went to a computer repair shop got a used PC fan for $1.99 my husband took an old 12v power cord he had for a dead netendo and spliced the wires from the power supply to the fan and now I have a fan and power to itt for less than $2 i wouldn't pay $20 for a new fan a used one works great! my byc page shows how we did our incubator
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    The heavy duty 110 volt fan is NOT a $2 dollar, 12 volt fan.... SEEE the difference? The 12 volt fan will burn out usually YEARS before the 110 volt fan will.

    While the $2 dollar solution is cheap you will do it again and again and again and again and again. And it will quit mid hatch without warning. So pay attention.

    Which makes a 20$ 110 volt (no little charger thingy) direct wiring, a good deal if you can afford it because they very very rarely burn out under incubation conditions.

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