I am new, what is the difference between a incubator and a hatcher?


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I have 15 eggs in my bator, that I set yesterday. I wanted to add three more my hens layed this morning. I dont have a hatcher and was wondering what exactly it was between and incubator and does anyone no were I can pick one up at? Also do I just remove them on day 18 and leave the others? I am new and trying to learn first hatch. Just trying to get all the basics for future hatches. Thanks
Some people use two incubators. One is filled with eggs at different times, say every six days. The other incubator (hatcher) is used to finish the hatch the last three days; then the chicks are removed from there and put in a brooder.

Doing that you could add eggs to the first incubator every six days to keep it full; that'd be especially handy if you only had a few hens and didn't want to take a chance using older eggs to fill the incubator.

EDIT: BTW, you might be alright adding those three new eggs a day late, but be prepared for them to probably hatch a day late.
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