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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by pkw, Aug 1, 2010.

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    May 14, 2010
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    Last night my 15 year old daughter and I was watering and feeding the chickens and my 11 week old pullets was in a corner of the chicken house shaking (they usually tried to hide from the roos) and then I saw that the 2 roos that was living in their area of the chicken house (many different age groups in the chicken house) was grabbing some of the girls by the neck and trying to mate with them even though the pullets was trying to escape from them. I immediately put a barrier between the roos and the pullets. Well this made the roos mad and they both flew up at me with their feet coming right for my eyes. I jumped out of the way and they proceeded to pecking at my daughters ankles. That did it. They are now in my freezer.

    Now the next youngest chickens are 7 to 8 weeks old so I got to thinking that in a few weeks I would try introducing the 11 week old pullets to the 7 to 8 weeks old chickens since there is not a big size difference in most of them (some of them are smaller).

    Well I just came back from checking on the chickens and to give them a refill on the waterers and I left the 11 week old pullets gate open and went into the 7 to 8 week old chickens area of the chicken house and I left the gate open there. A few of the chickens went into where the 11 week old pullets are and the pullets just looked at the younger chickens and the 7/8 week olds right right up to them and there was only minimal pecking for the most part they were getting along pretty good. I watched for a while and things was still looking good so I left both gates open. I will be going back in a little while to check on them again and if they still look like they are doing good for the remainder of the day then this is the outcome I have been so looking forward to.

    My pullets seemed to be stressed having the roos with them and they grew up together. Today was the first time they could see the 7/8 week olds, they could hear them but not see them.

    I know this isn't something new to chickens but it is good so far.

    Now do you think I should put the pullets back up by theirselves tonight or if they are still getting along let them stay with the others? There is only 5 of the 11 week old pullets and many more of the 7/8 weeks old chickens (about a 100 of them)
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Mine are together during the day and I give them a rest from one another (the two groups that is) at night. Once we get the new coop finished - and they all go into a new home together - will be the time I put them together at night.

    I would wait a few nights so the pullets get some rest. IMHO.

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