I am struggling with forum life.


Oct 23, 2020
Pikeville, Tennessee
I am struggling with forum life. Can't figure out how to post pictures. This is very frustrating for me since I am an retired mechanical engineer who used to work at the Pentagon and contracts with NASA. I know that I will get it eventually. I am a smart person who feels so stupid not getting what most people find so easy. Now if you want to talk about how to deploy an antenna boom on a satellite in space, I am your girl. Posting and pictures in a forum is a mystery to me. HELP!!
Hi there. So sorry you’re struggling! When you type in a post on the bottom left across from post reply there is an attach files button. Click on that, browse to find your photos, once you can see them like this

Click on full image or thumbnail and then post reply.
this is full image

This is thumbnail
are you using a phone or computer?
Beegirl950, I have been a member for more than two years and am still learning how to find and negotiate things on the forum. I applaud you for outright asking, which is what I should do from time to time (I am apparently one of those people who likes to learn from my repeated failures rather than look silly by asking).

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when you get them posted!
I use my PC and simply use the attach file option to upload a photo. You can upload batches but I almost always use the thumbnail option for them as you never know how slow someone elses connection is as a courtesy.

The image above was done with printscreen + mspaint(type into the run line if using windows) and is just a copy and pasted image. Not an actual photo so control C and Control V. Yes I use windows. Videos pretty much require a youtube account and link to the video. I hope this helps.
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Ok, thanks so much, I am going to try and post a video from my phone, which is a whole new ball game. You know when my kid was 18 months old, I knew that computers were the future. Now he is a man and he is so much more ahead with all of this than I am cause I got him started early. LOL
That’s about par for the course

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