I am such a bad DW lol


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Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
we had to go to the bank to get some money to get feed and other stuff - and DH hands me 40.00 - I ask him what is this for ?? he says so I can have some money to get myself something - I hand him the money back and tell him I dont need it thanks anyway - but he tells me to hold on to it anyway - just in case - ok fine whatever.
we get to wal*mart get what we need and I go to pay for a few things for myself out of the money he already gave me - well DH asks how are you going to get that you gave me the money back - so he hands me ANOTHER 40.00 - I dont say anything ( yet ) we get to the car and I ask how much money he has left - he asks me why - so I show him all the money he gave me - being a good wife I had him back 20.00 of the 40.00 and told him he was lucky I gave him any of it back LOL

( hey chick days is coming - whats a poor girl going to do give him all the money back and not be able to get my chicks I THINK NOT

. If i want money from my bf, I have to steal it...even then he'll hold me down till I give it back

Edited to add- he isn't the kind to argue with, so he usually gets his money back!
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You should have waited a little while longer until you were somewhere he was going to pay for something, then give it back to him. I'm baaad but would have given him someback.

the thought of keeping it all sounds good - but of course I carry the check book AND the ATM card --- now where are those chicks

hmm...I am the one with the money, my dh has to ask me for it, and then he has to have a good reason for it.
BTW, I don't work he does, I take care of the expenses. If it were up to him, he would spend it all before he paid any bills.
palabeco, my bf is like that. he spends everything on really stupid things. he likes jewelry and has at least 6 chain hanging from his neck at one time. and trust me, they AINT cheap!!!!

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