I built a 8 x 8 feet run free range area with grass and i have it covered with wire


7 Years
May 27, 2012
The problem i am having,is that all the grass is disapearing and becoming just dirt,due to the 9 chicks i have walking and scratching the grass,is what do i do in a case like this to keep them with fresh grass? Thanks
I dont see a ton you can do as you have 9 chicks. Typically I would say to cordin off half and let them roam until its down to dirt and then put them in the other half. (like a chicken crop rotation) but 8X8 is to small for that. You may want to go bigger. Others might have a better idea. Good luck.
i forgot to mention,i do have a chicken coop inside my shed that is attached to the run,the run is just to be free range,but i am going to start tomorrow to build another 8 x 8 and shift the roaming area to keep fresh grass
We are planning on a tractor so that we can move them to fresh grass but my friends who build stationary coops say that they just throw in fresh grass clippings. I like your plan though--never can have too much room!!
I found this on a blog and I am making some of these for our chickens. I cannot let them free range like I wanted because of stray dogs and I don't want them to not have fresh grass. So I am making some of these to outline the inside of their "yard" kind of like flower beds but with grass:) Chicken Salad Bar
We have something similar to that salad bar but the top doesn't swing open. The grass (really, weeds) grow to the top and squeeze through the hardware cloth and they eat it level with the top. Then the next day whatever chickens are lucky enough to get there first get first dibs at whatever's grown through the wire overnight. Does grass and weeds grow overnight? Anyway, I need to move it and plant grass again. I did put grass seed in the one we have but the weeds started growing before the grass did and overtook it.
what i have done is grow grass seed in big pots and put them in the run, when it has gone i just put the next one in , i have a few on the go and that lets the other pots time to grow back they love it.

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