I can NOT believe this!

bloom chicks

8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
I have a broody with chicks that just hatched on the 29th. I was in the coop with the mama and babies. A hawk flew in the coop with me sitting right next to the babies and took one of the babies.
I never thought in a million years that a hawk would fly in the coop.
Oh my. I am so sorry. I did not know such a thing could happen. Especially with a person standing there. How sad.
In side the coop!?!? I literally was sitting right next to them they could of sat in my lap that is how close they were. Why did the hawk fly into the coop. We were toward the back of the coop. It is a 12x24 coop.

edit: My rooster even did his call that is how fast it was!
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I guess I am going to have to keep her and the babies in the large dog crate in the coop until they get bigger
that's so sad
hawks can be really bold... i've had them try to take chickens i was standing right next two twice now. the first time the hawks just miss judged it's strike and the second time the hawk actually grabbed one of my bantam and landed a little ways away with her on the ground. me and my rooster both ran at it at the same time and it took off, leaving the bantam behind. amazingly, she was unhurt, just a little stunned. it's strange that a hawk would actually fly INTO a coop tho! again, i'm very sorry for your loss.
That's awful! The poor little chick... I've lost 3 chicks to a hawk. My Aunt told me that once a little boy was holding his pet mouse and a hawk took the mouse right out of his hand! If a hawk ever tried to get any of my chickens again, I would probably kill my self trying to attack the hawk. Same if any other raccoons tried to get my chickens again. I know your pain. I'll be praying for you, okay? I have a New Years Revolution I started before New Years (why wait?) to pray for a stranger every day. Today you are my stranger to pray for.

God Bless

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