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if you have any farm animals that you need to give to a new home, we can take them in on our family farm. Dont take them to the pound as they dont know what to do with farm animals and no one goes to the pound to adopt a duck or a chicken! We can take in those Easter chicks and ducks and give them a great home on our farm.

We can take in a variety of animals, but i do mostly like the poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and geese).

At this time, we can not take in horses.

We do not judge anyone that feels giving up an animal is in its best interest. We know there are a lot of reasons to give up a farm animal. Especially with feed prices going up, I know people will be strapped for food for them.

I can take in (If you have anything not on this list, contact me as I might have just forgotten it):

Guinea Fowl
Geese (I really love geese!!)
Pigs (potbelly or full sized)
Cows or calves

I dont take in dogs or cats as there are plenty of places that can take them in. I would take in Great Pyrenees Dogs though as they are invaluable to my farm! Without them, I wouldnt have a farm!

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