I can't find the remote.


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
Anybody know where it is?
No. I bought one of those huge ones after Christmas for .49 cents. We can finally find ours now. (It's cheap, but works OK...so far!)

I hope you find it soon.
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Hmmm... clap and see if mine will beep sympathetically. That would be very handy. I thought about phoning it so it would ring, but then I remembered that is what I do for the cell phone. It's been a very long, sleep-deprived couple of weeks around here...

I think the ferret hid it. It's not under the cushions, the dog or the sofa (all very normal places for it to live).

Hmmmm.... I'm running out of hiding places to check.
My toddler put it in the big cast iron ? couldren?? (civil war era? thing you'd cook a fire under for a huge thing of water??) that holds our wood next to our wood burnin stove. I found it the next winter when I went to use the wood.

But if you have ferrets....then under things...under the bed, dresser, the bottom drawer of your dresser--if he can climb in the back like mine used to do....inside the couch....

This you can test...put a big rubber bouncy ball (not anything he could choke on) or a hacky sack...on the floor and watch him steal it and see where he goes. You'll find more loot I bet than just the remote.

Hahaha! I loose EVERYTHING. I've lost my keys in my pockets so many times that it's unbelievable, plus god only knows how many times I've misplaced it, looked for half an hour, only to have them turn up on the kitchen table in plain sight. My phone and my shoes are the same way. Hubby says that if my head wasn't attached, I'd loose it and my body as well, lol. And, my remote has been missing for over a week now.
Fortunately, that's for my bedroom tv... nothing like changing the volume/channels with your toes.

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