I can't take it anymore!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kkoerner, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. kkoerner

    kkoerner Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 6, 2009
    Cumming, GA
    I had one to hatch out on Tuesday and nothing from the other two eggs! I am trying really hard not to open that bator and candle them. But it is killing me! I know some of you have waited until day 26 and had some hatch out, but it is day 23 and I don't know if I can wait that long before checking. Trying to be patient.
  2. gabrielle1976

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Columbia river gorge
  3. Big Chicken Little

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    You hang in there and be patient ... it is like trying not to eat that last piece of chocolate cake that is calling your name.
  4. kkoerner

    kkoerner Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 6, 2009
    Cumming, GA
    well I did it. I candled them. Still don't know. They are green eggs and hard to see into, I see the air sac but can't really see if one has pipped into the air sac. There was no movement or noise while I had them out. When I candled on day 6 and 12 I saw embreyos and then on day 18 I saw the air sac and darkness. Which is what everyone has described. But my one brown egg started peeping and rocking on day 19 and then hatched day 20. These eggs were all laid on the same day (different hens of course) and put in the bator at the same time. So I don't know what is going on. I put them both back into the bator to wait and see. I guess by day 26 I will turn it off and open them up to see. Unless they start to smell. Ewww. This is my first time hatching chicks and I feel sorry for my lonely little chick.
  5. tellynpeep

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    Oct 4, 2008
    SW New Hampshire
    Well, day 22 here, and nothing from my 8 Marans eggs. Heard some peeping this AM, but nothing since. The worst is, I went to the feed store this morning and it was all I could do not to bring home some baby chicks! I think I will go nuts if they don't pip soon!
  6. countrybum

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    Sep 15, 2008
    area pop. 96
    Quote:Hang in there, they may still hatch. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Were your eggs shipped and did you get them from ebay? I the one lady on ebay is a fraud. I purchased 2 batches of Black Maran from her and only 1 hatched out of all of them. It died with in 24 hours. $80 something for eggs, never again. I prefer to hatch my own over that.
  7. kkoerner

    kkoerner Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 6, 2009
    Cumming, GA
    countrybum: How horrible that you lost all that time and money.

    tellynpeep: I know what you mean. I am fighting off the urge for now. Although I am going tomorrow to a chicken meet and they are handing out 2 free chicks per family. [​IMG] Its to promote having backyard chickens. The chicken whisperer is doing his radio show live during the event. I am so hyped. Get to go hang out with all these chicken people. Gonna learn so much.
  8. vfem

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    I gave up on day 25... turns out they just didn't make it.
  9. nikevijo

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Long Island NY
    It is so frustrating when you see a pip then nothing happens. Only to have them not hatch in the end. It makes you feel like you did something wrong and you beat yourself up over it. It makes me feel a little better to know I am not the only one this happens to.............

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