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My husband told his friend that he and his wife could have some hens and a roo. I do have one too many roos. And we are getting more eggs than we can sell. So I said sure if they build them a good coop and run. Tonight I went out and sat with my flock. They are my babies. How can I get through this? The roo is not a problem. He's so pretty but very unhappy since the other roo whips him. He needs to go. But my hens. I love my hens. I can part with three that I didn't turn into total pets. But if I send three hens and a roo I'm afraid the roo will be mean to them. I'll have 11 hens and a roo left. And the biggest problem .... he told them that I had five extra. Oh what a mess.

Chicken pros ..... will the roo be mean to the 3 hens? He's not overly aggressive now but he's not king of the coop either.


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Rehome the roo that needs to go then get 3 more hens as the gifts. And of course the husband must pay!

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I have 4 grown chickens - 1 standard roo, 1 standard hen, and 2 banty hens - and they live together without any major problems. My roo was being a bit rough after the girls started laying again but that seems to have gotten better. I'm sure it's going to be hard to let them go but I would think that letting those 4 go together will be just fine.


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depends on the individual.. honestly i think so since a lot of the show breeders only have pairs (1 rooster, 1 hen). sometimes a rooster and 2 hens to a pen and nothing happens.. right now i single mate all of my birds (pairs)


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I would let the three hens and the rooster go and hubby will just have to explain that he was mistaken!! I would not give them the ones I made into pets!


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Mar 20, 2008
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Oh gosh I am so sorry. I would have my DH's head on a platter for not discussing it with me FIRST. He would suddenly find one of his favorite rifles or guns or other toys being given away.

My girls (and 1 boy) are my pets and I have rules...

1. Never mess with my kids or DH
2. Never mess with my Daddy
3. Never mess with my animals
4. Never mess with my money
(can ya tell I was a military wife?)
5. Do not abuse any animal (in my presence or within driving distance of me)

6. Pick up behind yourself

7. Lift the LID!
8. I cook ... you eat what I cook (This is not Burger King and You will NOT get it your way)
9. Do nothing that may provoke me.
10. If in doubt see rule number 9
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I ask my wife which chickens she could part with as soon as they are in the barn. When they are in the barn, they are MY WATCH as she rarely takes care of them. I promptly band them with a white leg band. If they do good and they integrate into the flock, they are keepers. If i have a problem with them, they are sold off.

I have told her about certain hens I would LIKE to trade off or sell. I give her 2 weeks to decide. These would be ones that she did not let me band.

Recently we had lots of silkies and they were dying from various causes. I gave her two weeks and choose the ones to trade off.
It took awhile, but I took 7 of them out of the flock and kept one roo and 4 hens. I did replace them all with 7 new chicks we had in the nursery, so she was a happy camper. This was tough on her, but it had to be done.

She does the same with me. She has 4 roos picked out that she wants gone. A polish, a RIR , a White Plymouth rock and my big ol' white Cochin roo. The cochin stays no matter, so now I she has to pick out another and I have a 2 week reprieve.

This is how we work our animals. Neither of us JUST SELLS, TRADES or GIVES any away. You need to sit your DH down and explain this to him.

We have a medicine hat mare that we have gone around and around about for years now and she is still with us. Their were points in time where I wanted her gone and points in time where the wife wanted her gone.

I used to get phone calls from the horse barn asking to sell certain horses that I had nothing to do with. I have learned to return the favor.

You can give away my eggs, you can give away meat, but don't give away an animal.

I would ask your DH to retract his statement and explain that he did not ask you first and did not know you were that attached to your hens.

Other wise if he is locked in he needs to find some hens to give away at an auction.

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