i DID IT I DID IT!!!!!!!!(Bumble foot)

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  1. I am not sure where i should be posting this here or on the emergencie/disease page, but i want everyone to know, there is NO REASON that you can not do the Bumble foot surgery! My hen has has issues for a few months, bla, bla, bla... she has not gotten any better, has gotten worse infact. She was limping this am. I couldnt stand it anymore, it was killing me knowing she was inpain. I have not wanted to do the surgery that is listed here to get the stuff out of her foot.

    I did it about 10 minutes ago. holy cow, if I would have known it was that easy, releaved her pain that quick I would have done it long ago. just want to say if I can do it, you guys can. GO FORTH AND DE-BUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [​IMG] I'm glad you had a successful surgery!
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    how bad was it? the bumblefoot i mean
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    My dad just got done taking care of bumble foot a week ago. It was a severe case, so we also had to give it shots... Seems to be getting better now. [​IMG] Glad that you made it through it!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Great! Congrats on helping your little ladies!

    Bad news: Petunia's bumble is back... [​IMG]
  6. thanks! it was not that bad of a case, I would say not major, but past minor. I had treated them for awhile with the soaking and neosporin and that did work on a few. I caught it right at the little black spots on the feet started to show up. I could pick them with tweezers and they came off, the hole was there and i neo'd it. the one that never really opened up (this was about 6 weeks ago) is the one that had gotten bad. When i first saw these, there was no swelling, no heat, not even noticable, except that i looked at the bottom of their feet by accident one day. No one was even limping. By the time i had to do something about Elly, she was limping, swollen, heat, etc.

    As of today (4 days after surgery and changing the bandage every day) she is doing great!!!! swelling is down a lot, no heat, she is not limping. wound looks good!

    I should have taken some photos.

    I still can not believe the plug! i wouldnt have known that's what it was had i not been told by you guys to just pull it out. I thought it was muscle tissue under the skin. It took guts to squeeze and tweeze at the same time. I thought, OMG, what if i am hurting her bad, and this is not a 'plug'????? wow. I am soooo glad i did it!

    Syd, how bad is hers?
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