I do have a bully! What should I do with her?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Pineywoods Peepers, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Earlier this week two of my poor Wellies got picked clean - one's neck and one's hind quarters. Then later in the week I had to put another Wellie who had a picked clean butt and an Easter Egger with bare spots on her back in the chickfirmary with them. When I posted about the first two chicks several members mentioned I might have a bully. I hadn't noticed any bullying behavior, but when you're working it's hard to really observe them closely. I thought if I had a bully today would be a good day to watch the chicks and figure out who it might be. I had my suspicions - probably a RIR or one of the New Hamps. They seem to be the more aggressive of the chicks. As I sat out and watched the chicks playing, I saw one chick tag 4 or 5 chicks in a row - on their back or by their tailfeathers - really hard! Wanna guess which breed it was?? A Delaware!!! I could NOT believe one of my sweet little Delaware was the culprit!

    I've got her separated from the other chicks, but I'm not sure what to do with her? Do I cull her, or just coat everyone with pine tar and hope she gets a nasty taste in her mouth and leaves them alone? I also have bitter apple that I used to keep dogs from chewing on things. Does this work on chickens? I guess I could spray them all down with that, but then they won't be able to preen themselves.


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    Keep her seperated for a while and then reintroduce slowly, for a few minutes at a time, under supervision only. If she attacks, she immediately gets put back in solitary. If she doesn't figure it out, cull her or give her away (though be honest, as you don't want to make your problem someone else's). It isn't fair to your other girls to be getting picked on all the time...

    Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Separation often helps.

    Do you have a rooster?
    If not borrow one for a bit, they often sort the hens out if they are getting nasty.

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    So I'm trying to reintegrate my bully Dellaware into the flock. So far it's not going well. I bought some pine tar today from Tractor Supply. What's the best way to apply this stuff? Will the chicks I put it on get shavings stuck to their back? How long before it wears off?

    On a brighter note the bully tried to pick on the rooster again, and he turned around and pecked the fire out of her. My husband was sooo proud. Really she doesn't mess with the chicks who turn around and peck her back - just the ones who don't retaliate - like the Silkies.


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    I don`t know if it will work but I`m an instigator. Sometimes if I see on bird picking on another. I will pick up the bird and attact the bad one. I make alot of chicken noises and poke and jab. [​IMG]
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