I don’t know if my chicken is broody


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Aug 20, 2020
So I have two 3 month old silkies and don’t know if they are already broody they haven’t layed eggs yet but it seems like all they want to do is sit on the ground or in a nest should I try to put artificial eggs in the nest and see if they lay on them I’m getting quail eggs soon to be hatching and plan on giving some to the chickens to hatch and some in the incubator OR should I try encouraging my black austrolorp that’s already laying to go broody and sit on the eggs for me I’ve herd that both breeds are pretty broody and good mothers


Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
At three months your silkies are not broody. And you can’t force or encourage a bird to go broody; it either happens or it doesn’t. An incubator would probably be best for your quail eggs since chickens are much larger and could crush the chicks.

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