i dont get it


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
My top hen is 5 years old and yesterday she had a bleeding comb but I don't see what off there is a cockerel but he never pecks her, there is a hen who has got them selfs up to second in the pecking order, would that hen challenge ginger? And ginger was horrible to that hen for some reason yesterday
Im not an "eggspert" John but I think you have a couple of ladies pecking it out and Ginger was on the bad end of the deal.

Where are you located? How cold is it where you are?
Quite cold its some times in the minus temps I live in the UK bit ginger is still the boss
I had the same thing happen to chicken Jeannie. I saw her one morning and she was bleeding from her comb. After I washed her off and kept her in a box in the kitchen, I figured that perhaps it was caught on some chicken wire as I didn't see any sign of biting or other bruising. She healed just fine and loved being in the house! She is a sociable one. Here is a video we made when she was in her hospital box!
John it may be that her comb is frost bitten and her roughing up the new girl may have caused it to bleed. Again I am no eggspert and someone with more experience may say different. To prevent frostbite on their combs, alittle petrolium jelly would help.
Ok and the girl isn't new I've had her 3 years to she's just started fighting Nd how do I know if she has frost bite?

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