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    I have two EE/BO crosses. I had 7 under a broody in Feb and then these two were in an incubator together and are about 5 days younger than the other seven. They have all been together since they were about 4 weeks old. The two EEX's are inseparable! One is a pullet the other a cockerel. They eat together, sleep together and if they are outside and separated and the little pullet makes a peep the cockerel will play like superman to get to her hurdling himself over what is between him and her. I have named them Romeo and Juliet because that is how they act--- like star crossed lovers... Do chickens ever exhibit such devotion to each other? I know some bird species will keep a mate for life but have never noticed such a situation before among all my other chickens. I am wondering if it is more just a result of being hatch mates and then spending the first four weeks with each other exclusively--- or can they be "smitten" with each other. They are now about 12 weeks old and have been together with the other chicks for at least 8 weeks but seem to have eyes for one another alone. It is cute! Here they are:



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    How sweet, I don't see why the rooster couldn't have a favorate, especially if they were hatched together.
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    Awww how cute! I've got to ask though, that EE is gorgeous, what was the mating? It looks like a blue laced red with....? Thanks! Sorry I got off topic!
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    Animals of all species frequently have a "buddy." I have seen it in dogs, cats, pigeons etc. Sometimes the "buddy" will be of a different species. I Once had a littermate pair of beagles that were unhappy unless they were penned together. Since they were male and female this was not always possible. Their mother was one of the rare dogs that I have owned who always remembered which pups were hers. When reintroduced to one of her offspring she would always make a big deal out of the situation even though the seperation may have been for a considerable period of time. Some animals form much stronger bonds than others.
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    I have two hens that adore eachother. They've been BFFs for over two years. Yes, they were brooder mates. Even more interesting, they are the only two of their breed out of a mixed batch of 30 chickens (6 breeds)!
  6. I have a pair of D'Uccles that the roo lost his wife to a predator last year. I bought him a wife about two months ago. Immediately upon introduction to one another he started luring her to the nest box (in their separate pen) and encouraging her to lay an egg and start a family. They are inseparable and when free ranging with the other two dozen chickens are always very near one another...within a couple feet.

    My three Seabrights are always near one another too. And the five chicks eight weeks old (who the hen has 'weaned' for lack of a better word) always stay together. Range together, and still go to the nest box they were born and raised in to sleep at night. I have three caged roos...so they don't count...but the rest of the hens do not show this bonding thing. They stay together as a bunch, but don't clump together with their 'kind' like the others do.

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