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    Aug 23, 2011
    Portland OR
    [​IMG] I have 3 beautiful Millie Fleur Cochin Bantams who I got about a month ago. They are about 20 weeks old now and not laying yet. Here is my problem though, they are mean to the other pullets, pecking and pulling feathers out of all of them to the point of drawing blood. All of my other 15 girls are terrified of them. These girls have started attacking myself. They will charge me, peck my feet and even just up and claw at me sometimes. If I pick them up they are so nice, let me pet them and will fall asleep on me. I really dont know what to do. So far my kids have not been hurt but I worry they may at some point. I will take the abuse but my other chickens shouldnt have to any longer IMO. I dont have the resources to build another coop for them. They have a very large coop and free range 99%of the day. Is there a way to bring them down on the pecking order? My poor Porcelain D'Uccle took a severe beating today and when I went to rescue her because the 3 bantams had her screaming on the ground beating her I got a lashing from one too. [​IMG] I am not the type to hit back but man did I want to pick that chicken up and shake her violently and knock some sense into her. They are a little gang who bully every one. HELP please before we have a trio of mini chickens for dinner [​IMG]
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    May 19, 2011
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    Do they do this in the run or are they picking on the others when they are in the coop too?

    When I merged my 5 girls (3 EE & 2 Light Brahma's) with my original 10 (they are only 2 & 4 weeks apart in age), I had to fence off an area in the run, just for the 5 little ones, because the older 10 were so mean to them. I used a roll of hardware cloth and blocked off an area, so they could see each other, but where the 5 were still safe. 3 weeks later, I opened one side of the fenced off area, so that the 5 could go out with the others, but could go back to the safety of their fenced area. The older ones never intruded into the fenced off area.

    At night, the 5 younger were still being housed in a large rubbermaid container, and I did this for 2 weeks, then took it out to see what would happen. The younger 5 found the roost & stayed up there, the older 10 were still puppy piling in the corner of the coop. 2 weeks went by before the older 10 joined the 5 on the roost. But the younger 5 would huddle on a corner, because they would still get pecked from time to time. Never had blood or feather loss, but a few squawks & screeches from time to time.

    Even now (they were merged 4th of July weekend), the 10 stay separate from the 5 younger. The 5 younger go to bed first, and are the last to leave the coop in the morning.

    How long have they been together?
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Chicken jail. You can use a dog carrier or some other smallish makeshift pen or cage. Put it where the others can see them. Three or four days of this might help. Or you may have to separate them and put each one in a cage by herself. Little bullies!
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    If they are attacking you, they are way too aggressive for my taste and would find their way to the freezer or on there way to Craigslist or something. (of course you would want to disclose their bad attitudes to a new person) But if you want to try and keep them, I would get a large dog crate and keep them or the top two of the three in there for a few days. If you have the ability to do as Mommy 2 Wee Ones suggested, that is perfect too. But the idea is to separate them, put them in a "time out" so to say. Keep them where the others can see them. After a few days, try and re-introduce them. See how it goes. They are always going to go through the pecking order squables at first, but drawing blood, terrorizing and attacking humans is a bit excessive. I hope you can find a solution that works for you.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    If they're 20 weeks old, are you sure that they are hens? I don't know about the breed, but their behavior sounds like juvenile roos. I'm a newbie, and have been reading a lot--don't recall hens attacking humans.
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    Quote:They act like roo's but are hens for sure. I spoke with the lady I got them from and she agreed to take them back. I feel like a horrible chicken owner. Did I do something wrong? None of my other girls behave this way?

    No pointy saddle feathers.

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