I don't know what's happening with my eggs.


May 21, 2019
These are my girls, Laura, Mary, Nelly and Kerry (enjoying a small pumpkin treat) Roughly a month ago we got our 1st brown egg. One per day for about a week. Then we got 2 brown eggs for only a handful of days then back to 1 brown egg per day. Now we are getting 1 WHITE egg per day for the last week. That's it. I'm so confused as to what may have happened. Where did the brown eggs go? Thanks


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Jul 24, 2016
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A few years ago I had a bale of straw in my chicken run under a tarp that I used to spread around when the ground got soggy. I was getting ready to spread some around one day and there was a perfect little nest with about a dozen eggs under the tarp. LOL They do like to hide their eggs.


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Aug 14, 2017
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If they are pullets just coming into age of lay, then they might lay all winter, but at a slower rate.
There's a good chance they have built a Super Secret Chicken Fort and are stashing the eggs there. :gig
Look under that red and white building and any other place they can get under our in, especially bushes.:pop


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Apr 15, 2015
Do you have a rooster or one close by? Hens are notorious for being sneaky and hiding nests in the most unlikely places cause they decided to go broody. My flock is enablers if one goes broody they will help add to nest cause everyone seems to think they should try and hatch 30 eggs so they are gonna help her even though the most they have hatched out is 10.

time of year age and breed needs to be taken into consideration , some are better winter layers and some pretty much stop once it gets cold and less light, it's their rest period. Molting usually drops a week or 2 before they molt, they they are off for a bit after they finish as making them feathers takes much of the same nutritional resources as making an egg.

External or internal parasites are another possibility. are their poops looking ok? Have you checked for anything externally?

Reproductive issue is another possibility, egg bound or laying internally.

not that common but being plugged up can cause issues too as both come out the vent.


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