I don't think it's an impacted crop


Chickens Ate My Brain
9 Years
Sep 9, 2010
I thought I posted a topic about this but now can't find it so I don't know if I received any responses/replies or not. If I did post, I apologize for the duplicate post.

My Maran hen has a very large distended (what I think is her) crop. It's been this way for several weeks. It will go down, but so far only down to about the size of a baseball. When I took the picture, it was about the size of a soft ball. She is eating, drinking, hanging out with the rest of the flock. I have seen no change in her behavior (except now she is sitting on eggs). The crop is not hard, but mushy and feels like it might be full of grit. Any suggestions???? I did buy some mineral oil, but I'm a bit reluctant to force it down her as I read somewhere if I do it wrong I could drown her???? I'll perform surgery if I have too, but would like to try all alternatives first. She is a show bird, so I'd like to save her if I can. She is 1 year old, so I don't think the grit was too big?

well I checked last night and it's now the size of a golf ball, so it's definitely going down in size. Is it possible she was just storing up food because she knew she was about to go broody?

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