I don't think my EE pullet is really an EE.

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Jan 22, 2010
I bought some bantams from TSC 11 weeks ago. Two of these I thought were bantam Easter Eggers. The roo is developing into a handsome fella. As you can see, (he is the red and lavender colored) he has green legs and a pea comb. However, the white pullet in question has green legs, but a single comb and a VERY LONG tail. Does anyone out there have any clues as to what type of chicken I have? I was so hoping for a bantam EE pair. Thanks for any advice/help.



She is definitely part asian breed...an EE is basically a crossbreed so it is possible she is an EE but showing more japanese traits. If she had the rust colored markings she would look like a Yokohama, she has the bosy shape and look of a female Yokohama to me.
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