I don't understand my Roosters behavior.....


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Ok, so my rooster pecks me when I come into the backyard (him and my hen are 'free-ranging'), then lets me pick him up and love on him (he's roughly 12-14 wks old). He's a Cochin Bannie and is quite lovable but I need to break this 'pattern' or 'habit' that's he's starting to get into. Any ideas or thoughts?
I have had luck with finding something that scares chickens when they do something they shouldn't be doing. I must look like a crazy person to my neighbors but I make a really loud noise and hit the ground with a broom. Eventually I don't need the broom and just make the same loud noise. Then eventually after that you can make the same noise but not as loud, and seem more sane to your neighbors. It is a long process but it has eventually worked out for me.

His hormones are surging right now. It usually gets a worse before it gets better. Grab him and tuck him under your arm if he looks like he is going to be agressive. Carry him around for a while. A little tug on the tail feathers while he is daning around you will often stop a bite as well.
My sweet little roo grew out of the "evil" stage pretty quickly but still has an occasional relapse. My big BO roo took a bit...er...a lot more work. They are a year and a half now and just untie my shoes when they are feeling like big bad roos.

Step toward him if he comes at you. If you run away, he has taken the "head roo" position away from you. If he starts flogging (jumping up trying to spur you) then you will have to decide if keeping him is worth the risk.
Oh I forgot to mention that when the roo is behaving you should give him a small handful of food so that the roo is more afraid of the noise than he is of you. Anyway I learned this from an animal control officer in my town and it has worked for me.
lol! I could imagine what my neighbors would think! Usually, when he's 'biting/pecking' me, I grab his beak or tuck him under my arm. I was hoping it was just a 'hormone' thing as he's growing up. No, I never back down, I'm the Big Hen in the yard!! lol! Thanks ya'll it sounds like I'm on the right track!
My roo would peck my arms hard enough to cause bruises when i would tuck my chickens in at night. Finally I had had enough so i took him for a long , silent walk up the driveway at dusk and then put him back in the coop. The next night, before i went out for the nightly chicken bedtime ritual, I slathered my forearms with spicy mustard and Sriracha sauce. He took one peck at me and has never pecked again.

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