I don't want to brag but....


Apr 23, 2020
I must be the best most perfect chicken mom . I was thrilled tonight to walk down to my chicken pen at dark and find all 8 babies (that I had JUST introduced to the big hens flock today) did not go back to their little coop where they have slept for 9 weeks. They were smart enough to go hop up on the big girls roost to sleep. All by themselves! I walked away thinking " I am the proud mother of honor roll chickies!"

ALSO, One of my hens has been acting like she has an egg she can not get out. She was acting healthy and ran from me when I went to get her so I thought that if she felt "that good" she did not need an Epsom salt bath.. BUT since I had gone to all the trouble of bringing hot water down hill she was gonna get one whether she wanted one or not. She stayed in the warm water all by herself! YES. I even walked up the hill to the house and brought back Vaseline and then went back for a hair dryer. She sat calmly in the water for 45 minutes, I had to go back to get some more hot water to keep it warm. But WAIT there's more! SHE stood still and let me blow her hair dry, lift her wings and style her hair... I just kept up with the spa treatment wondering when she would walk away.

I will go to sleep tonight knowing in my heart that I am a swaggering -proud -snot nosed- honor roll chicken mom. Complete with the sticker on the back of my truck. My aspiration is to knock the existing President of the PTA off of her throne- and wear the crown.
Coocka doodle doooo.. I mean cheep cheep.

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