I feel a bit used


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My Dh's grandparents from NY are staying with his parents for the winter and are heading back to NY next month. His uncle is flying in to Kansas City from NY to drive them back and DH's mom asked if we could pick him up at the airport. It's about 1 1/2 hrs away from us. Then she wants us to take Uncle to Springfield where MIL works (about 2 1/2 hrs one way). MIL is going with Uncle to take the g'parents to NY and she will be flying iback into Kansas City 5 days after we pick up uncle. Yet again, she wants us ( it will be me since DH will be out of town) to pick her up at the airport and bring her to our house where her truck will be. Her truck will be here becuase we are going down to their house (3 1/2 hours away) either next weekend or the first weekend in April to pick it up and bring it to our house.

I am soo peeved and feeling used because in the 3 years we have been here, his dad has been here and his mom has only been here because she was taking a class or whatever in KC and we were a free hotel ( she didn't say that but it's how I feel). This is the first time in our marriage (12 years) that we have lived so close to home and they can't seem to bother coming for a visit, just because! We are leaving this summer to Japan for 3 years, you would think they would have come to see us when they could. They aren't strapped for money so that isn't an issue. His dad has beef cattle so he isn't tied down and his mom always has tons of vacation days and there is always just a weekend trip! It drives me nuts and DH won't say a thing to them about it.

My relationship with my IL's is tense as it is and this sure doesn't help.

I needed to get that out of my system!


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All I can say is just hang in there and be helpful, try and find the joy in it.

Life is short.... and then suddenly, you're (or they're) not here anymore. (from Scrooge the play)

You'll treat your kids (and your kid's spouses) differently no doubt about it.
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Eh, DH's family, DH can deal with them. As for feeling like a revolving door, that is going to end very soon! Smile, do not spoil them and never start what you will need to finish. That is something my mom taught me- never start something you will need to stop. Granted I'm still an idiot and do that, but you know, soon enough you may never see them again, they will not be here forever and you will truly be glad that you did this for your immediate family.
Many blessings to you and yours, go play with the kids, visit your friends while they are staying with you so to leave DH to entertain!
I hope you have a good journey to Japan and enjoy no family around !! lol.
Hugs to you!

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