I figured it out!


9 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Capital District, NY
I can raise 25 meaties to slaughter for about 1.26/lb! And that's PAYING for them to be processed. It's about 45 cents cheaper than the store. But I know where it came from.

I'm insane!
Curious about this as well since processing could add almost $1 per pound. Our batch of CX's were processed at seven weeks. We raised 67 CX's and went through 16 bags (50#) of 20% Grower and netted right around five pounds per bird. They were in a tractor and had fresh grass every day.
Let me double check my math and I'll repost after the BBQ. It was late last night and I was super bored and number crunching!

Edit: I'm not including my time, or the cost of the pens, feeders/waterers since I already have all the equipment. That might be why it looks so cheap. I just added up the cost of feed per 25 birds and the processing fee and the estimated amount of meat.
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I got ya beat... ok

birds, 4 weeks old, sold for a buck each... (one diedbefore I picked them up so they sent me home wtih 3 silkies)
trades space in my newspaper for all my feed (if I didn't trade I'd have been forced to write one more story so I saved money)
I already have the equipment, and I live on a 300 acre farm so free range? LOL

killed and did them up myself with my DW, so I saved 30 bucks on a movie

all in all I feel I made 5 bucks a bird LOL

You can't always count on a deal but when the power went out here due to a major storm, the local feed mill owners said Hey walls, come get the rest of my birds. don't have power and can't take the time out of selling emergency stuff to tend these birds. so now I have another batch of free chics in my lawn.

never miss a deal LOL
I just that the wife and I had a "date' clean'n birds.. but if one thinks about the money they save with the hobby by not pay'n FOR a hobby that has 0 return on investment... you can "cheat" and justify the hobby. I know some say "I know were it came from." but that isn't enough for me. I'd rather put things in terms of capital so I say, count the times you didn't spend money doing something stupid. You may learn more from chickens LOL
Oh honey....ya wanna go on a date in a couple of weeks to the backyard coopdeville!?! Hmmmm....that's what I'll be saying to my hubby!!! I have a hobby or two that has a 0 return but it keeps me sane.

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