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    Feb 21, 2012
    So, I was thinking about how some people have ducks that are totally used to them and let them pet them and everything. I've never been able to get my ducks that used to me. I've gotten them to trust me where they will follow me and don't mind being around me, but they DO NOT like being held, at all. I got two ducklings about 5 days ago, they did not like me AT ALL. I know that you can get them to like you by treats, but I've tried giving them treats and they wouldn't even try them. I figured it out... bugs! Today they had their first taste of some bugs. At first, I was looking for small crickets to give them, but never found any. Although, I did find a little caterpillar of which I let the bigger duckling eat, she loved it! Then I looked under a log, and their were tons of potato bugs, so I brought them over to see if they would eat them, they didn't. BUT, the other duckling found an earwig (that won't hurt her will it?). Then I found tons of slugs, so I got the little ones and let them try them. THEY LOVED ME (mostly the slugs, but they knew that I was the one giving them to them). When I had fed them most of the little slugs, I put them back, they were not happy with me. They were like "Uh, we weren't done! We want MORE!" Later, I just went out to check on them before I went to bed and I HAD to feed them more. Once I was done, I picked one up and it DIDN'T scream bloody murder! Haha I know, that doesn't tell much. They don't seem to be as scared as they were before. I think I'll have to keep feeding them to them and see how it goes. Wish me luck :D
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    Great job! [​IMG]
    The way to a duck's heart is through BUGS! [​IMG]

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