I finally put the tree up, but no house decorations.

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    May 2, 2011
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    The Christmas tree is stored on the built in shelves in the garage. I merrily go out there and drag it in and put it up. I then go back out and start pulling boxes down for the house decorations. Well the first spider, I handled it admirably well if I do say so myself! I tried to bolt , hit 115 lbs of pit bull who was helping me. I hit the floor (note: even though I hit the floor, forward momentum never stopped). I made it back into the house (WHEW!!). I wait five minutes and go back out ( I can do this, I know I can). I move two more boxes and you should have seen the size of the spider that came out. I am surprised that I haven't walked into the garage and interrupted this thing with one of my chicks on a spit over a bonfire. If I threw this thing in a pot of boiling water, it would qualify as King crab!
    I come bolting into the house screaming bloody murder and TBG say "oh for heavens sake, just kill it!"
    Doesn't he understand it's not a fair fight? I think the spider is bigger than me. [​IMG]
    I left the boxes where I dropped them. The Big Guy went out, looked, and then asks me where the dog is sleeping since I left the boxes down. I tell him it's not my problem, the dog can work it out with the spider. I figure the dog has been sleeping in there for 2 years so they must have some kind of agreement. It's winter, aren't those nasty things supposed to hibernate, die or go south for the winter?
    So I have decided all we need this year is the tree. If anybody wants Christmas decorations around the house, they can have at it!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You DO KNOW you ticked it off now, right??!... its waiting for you to come back...
    Fido probably has to give it nightly sacrifices... ya know... mice... then rats.. then bigger things as it grows..... raccoons.. cats.. other dogs..
    dont be surprised if one night you awaken to find fido trying to pull YOU out of bed.,...
    Just sayin'....
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    May 2, 2011
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    I did a chick headcount just to see this morning. No signs of a bonfire. The dog seems awful quiet this morning though. I also noticed TBG put the boxes back. Funny he reacts the same way to snakes as I do to spiders. I might need to find me a gopher snake and cut it loose in the house. Sometimes people need to be humbled a little bit. Ya know what I am saying? One good thing to note is the kid screams louder than I do. I take comfort from this fact! [​IMG]
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    Jul 30, 2011
    The only logical thing I can see to do is burn the boxes.

    ...and the garage....

    .....and the house if it is attached to the garage....[​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm laughing visualizing all of this! I can just see a spider roasting one of your chickens over an open fire, as you so rudely disturb it, lol! My husband is the same way about spiders. I'm fine with all of the little creatures, except wasps or yellow jackest, or anything that feels the need to swarm around me, then land on me looking for some sort of meal or fight. My husband says its the only time he ever sees my really "act like a girl". Can't stand bugs swarming me. More aggrivating than anything else. We live by a marsh, so when the weather is nice, all yard work stops for me just before dusk, before all those annoying little gnats come out. BTW, we've got Gopher snakes out here too. Some can get rather large and aggressive. I think they are all hibernating now, but it would definitely would be humbling experience for your hubby! [​IMG]
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