I got a Broody!!!! Testing her on a few eggs....


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Apr 29, 2007
One of my Bantam Mottled Cochin hens went broody. I wasn't sure she was, until today, so I let her keep 2 eggs she had and added 2 more from my other Bantams. I hope she will continue to sit, she is a young hen. I caught her off the nest this afternoon she pooped, ate a bit and drank and then got right back on the nest. I guess tomorrow will officially be Day 1

Are those 4 eggs the ones you want her to incubate, or are those just "bookmarks" to keep her on the nest until you're sure she's going to stay broody? If those are the ones she's going to set, you could count today as Day 1, and then start looking for chicks as early as Day 19.

Is her nest in a place where the other hens can access? If so, you should mark her incubating eggs with a pencil line all around the middle (so it can be seen in any position). The other hens will want to add eggs to her nest.

If possible, you should either fence off her nest site or move her to a secluded spot. If you move her, make sure to do it at night, try to move her entire nest box or at least her nest, and make her new nest place dark by covering it with towels or something, to encourage her to stay there.

I wish your hen great success with her set!
I figure if she stays it is fine, if not them that is ok too. She has her nest in the little coop in there, the other hen lays in a different nest, so no worry about the eggs getting mixed up.
I am home most of the time, so if she does decide to leave the nest, I can always throw them in the bator too.

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