I got a new LG and I HATE it!!!


11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
Lakeland, FL
I bought a new Little Giant yesterday and was soooo excited b/c it has an egg turner, which means I don't have to turn my 40 eggs by hand and I can have a hatcher too. However, I have been trying to get the temp set since 5pm yesterday! I turn the thermostat the smallest amount possible and it changes by 5 degrees.
It's absolutely ridiculous!!!
I think it might be going back to the store and I'll just keep hand-turning. Thanks for listening to me vent!
I've heard many bad things about the LG and that's why I went directly for the Hovabator 1588 which I LOVE the temps stays a nice steady temp and I have gotten a 100% hatch out of it once (from SHIPPED eggs) and I just got it not long ago. Three hatches total from it so far.
I have one. Not near as nice as my hova-bators but does work ok. The sensitivity takes some getting used to. I have managed to keep it simi stable...but we use wood for heat and try to use as little as possible in the fall. So the room that it is in goes 55 F- 85 F....and that has been hard to compensate for. Still better than sitting on them. LOL Can you put the turner in your other incubator? Maybe "jimmy" it to fit?
Ok, that's it. It's going back to the store!! I'll just buy a second Hovabator off eBay since I love my 20-yr-old one that does everything perfectly. I really don't mind too much about turning them by hand, although it would be nice not to. I really just wanted a hatcher since I have quail eggs (in addition to the 40 chicken eggs) that will be hatching earlier. Well, if I buy one from eBay it should be here by the time they hatch (I hope).
Well I have a hovabator and a Lg and although I like the hovabator beter, I do not hate the LG. It takes a little getting use to and it is very sensative, but once I figured that out I have done pretty good with it. Sorry you are having problems.....
I think I finally got it stabilized...I'm going to put the eggs in it and see if it will hold steady. Here goes nothing...

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