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    So today has been a-mazing. I found out I got excepted into the skill center near me. I put in an application for the Vet program. Its basically a program for teens in highschool and the credits can be transferred to a couple colleges near me. I am doing the Vet 1 and next year I will apply for Vet 2. The counselor there told my dad that when he first met me, he knew I would make it in. And when the Vet teacher saw the paper I put in with my application, she told him she wished all her students had the same passion I had. I am so excited, and thrilled that I even made it in - and then to have the teacher say that about my letter! The whole vet program is completely filled to the max already. With other classes, they still have openings for some more kids. It is truly a blessing that I got in. Before I found out whether I made it in or not, I was just trusting God that he knew what was best and that even if I didn't make it in that he would have other doors open for me. I was so surprised that I made it in.

    I also found out that I am getting 2 Sebastopols goslings tomorrow. And my friend told me he would give me a couple Sebbie eggs for free! You can't beat free! [​IMG]

    Here is the letter I wrote with my application. Some of this info has changed, as I have more animals now [​IMG] and a couple other things...but here it is....

    My name is Felicia, I am home schooled and am sixteen years old. I have loved animals since I was a little girl. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t love all animals. Researching different types of animals and different breeds is something I love to do. Animals are my biggest passion in life, and I always want to learn as much as I can about them.

    When I was eleven years old I got my first dog, a Bouvier des Flandres named Dusty. I started showing him in American Kennel Club conformation dog shows. I showed him to his American Championship, racking up four majors along the way. From there, I showed him to his United Kennel Club Championship, in three weekends; and his Canadian Kennel Club Championship, in two weekends. In addition, I have gotten his Canine Good Citizen title and his Rally Novice title on him. I have dealt with some aggression issues with him. He has taught me how to work with a dog that has aggression, how to minimize the issue, and how to socialize. I started working with a dog trainer, Mary Jo Patel, who has a degree in psychiatry. She is my mentor and has taught me a lot about dog psychiatry, how to work with different dogs and about animal behavior. Mary Jo is training me to become dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement. My parents also own a dog boarding kennel. I work there, and have learned a lot about different temperaments. I also groom my own dog, and I have some of my own grooming customers. It has been a fun experience learning how to groom dogs.

    Two years ago I asked my parents if I could get a lamb to show in 4-H, and they told me I could. She is the first farm animal I have ever owned. I have learned a lot about sheep and wool from her. My Romney ewe sheep and I have won Supreme Romney Ewe two years in a row in the breeding class at the Lapeer 4-H Fair. At the end of last year my sheep, Mollia, was bred. Mollia is due at the beginning of April. She is the first pregnant animal I have ever had, and it has been interesting learning about breeding and pregnancy. I will be showing her lamb in 4-H this coming summer.

    Almost a year ago, I had decided after doing many hours of researching that I wanted to get an Alpine goat. I plan on showing her in 4-H fair this coming summer. At the end of summer 2008, I got five goats, two does and three kids, that I rescued. When I went to pick them up I found out the older doe was over eight years old with twin kids who were five hours old and the daughter of the old doe was between four to five years old with a three week old kid. The older doe passed away when her twin kids were about six weeks old. This was a major learning experience. Before this, I had never taken care of an orphaned animal. I learned about how much care a baby animal really needs and about bottle feeding.

    I have also had a couple cats. One of them, KiKi, I got her because the owner could no longer keep her because she refused to use the litter box. The cat I have now, Lucy, I received when a neighbor’s mother’s cat had kittens that needed homes immediately. About two years ago, I received a cat that had been a stray for over five years. He was about seven years old, and had no fat or muscle on him yet he still managed to weigh over twenty pounds. I named him Sampson, due to his huge size. Sadly, I only got to have Sampson for about five days. He had FIV and Feline Leukemia. When we found out he had these diseases, sadly Sampson had to be put to sleep. The other cat I received was Sophie. She was about 5-6 weeks old when she found my dad. She came to the kennel, when it was in the process of being built. She was begging for attention from the workers putting up the drywall. My dad saw her and took her out of the kennel. A couple minutes later she came back in to the kennel to find my dad, determined to get someone to love her. My dad picked her up and carried her to the house. He handed her to me and told me to fix her up. I gave her food and a much needed bath. After that she went to the vet, when we found out she was extremely inbred and sick. After I had poured over $600.00 into her and months of trying to figure out what she had, we finally found out that she had an incurable and very contagious disease, FIP. Sophie had to be put to sleep after the FIP had taken away her quality of life. She wasn't even six months old.

    About two years ago, I decide to get some rabbits. I currently have a Flemish Giant doe, which I am planning on showing this summer at 4-H fair, and I also have another doe who is a Holland Lop mix. I have had a wonderful time raising these amazing animals. Later this year, I am planning on breeding my Flemish Giant doe.

    This past winter, I decided to get some poultry. I have some Silkie and Showgirl chicken eggs in my incubator. They are due to hatch April 4th. In addition, I am getting Saxony ducklings and also some Sebastopol and Dewlap Toulouse goslings. I will be showing all my poultry in 4-H fair this year.

    I have always loved exotic animals, reptiles, and also rodents. Due to my parents not liking them, I am not able to own any but I do lots of research on them. I love researching and learning about them, even if I am not able to have them at this point in my life. One of the animals I hope to own later in my life are snakes. I also really like rats. Until then, I will just keep researching and learning as much as possible about them.

    Animals are my passion in life. I would love to be able to learn more about them and how to care for their needs. Being enrolled in the veterinary care program at the skills center would be a wonderful entry into what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

    The only bad thing that happened today is that my chicks that were supposed to be shipped here by 3pm never came. They are somewhere lost between California and where I am (Michigan). The tracking number says they are still in California, and the last time they got checked in anywhere was yesterday at 3pm. Hopefully I will get a call later tonight (the Flint USPS lady told her workers (who are there all night) to call me immediately if they come in). And if they don't come tonight, she said hopefully tomorrow morning. She is searching for them. My local USPS lady was rude and when I went into the post office to see if they came, she told me "Well, at least you will get your money back for shipping since they didn't get here by 3pm. But who knows if your chicks will get here alive." [​IMG] And then she chuckled. [​IMG] And she didn't even try to see where they where at. She told me they get here when they get here and we will call you. The flint office lady called a couple places trying to find out where they were and she was worried about them. She said she will keep searching to find them. Thank God at least one person is actually trying to help.
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    Well, that is AWESOME news!!! Congradulations! You must be very proud of yourself, and happy too! It sounds like there wll be a lot of happy animals in the future!!!

    And shame on that post office lady for her comment. I'd have wanted to kick her in the pants. That was downright insensitive!

    More condratulations on the sebastopols!! [​IMG]
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    Feb 26, 2009
    Quote:Thanks LilBizzy! I am very excited about the vet classes and the sebastopols.

    I was so mad at the post office lady, but I kept my mouth shut. Even though that was rude, she is older then me and I have to respect her (and I was with my boss so I didn't want to say anything). If I had been with my dad, I would have politely said something back.
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    Quote:[​IMG] I am pretty sure you know she meant accepted. I always try to take a really deep breath before posting.

    And congratulations on your acceptance. [​IMG]
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    Great job, sound like you are driven. Stay with your passion!
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    Congratulations on being accepted. It is a step towards fulfilling your dreams, well done!

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    LOL my track and cross country team think I am obbsessed with animals because of all my pets and stuff,,,,but you just have me beat to a pulp aha! LOL today at our track meet Tori had a spider in her bad and was freakin out and was gona squash it and I ran over really fast and picked it right up and all the guys are lookin at me like I am crazy and I look at them and say "You want it?" and they kinda back off and I act like I threw it at them and they all kinda jumped back farther and let it go safetly. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]:celebrate [​IMG]

    Be very proud of yourself as we are of you!

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Thank you all! I can't wait to start. [​IMG]

    I changed the spelling at the top...sorry about that. I always get confused about excepted and accepted [​IMG]

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