I got an EGG!!! My first one :-).....No 2nd egg...YET...when?


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
Sealy, TX (West Houston area)
I knew my girls were getting close...I have 10 pullets and recently started seeing lots of growing, reddening combs and wattles. Especially on my Leghorns. I've read that other's have gotten eggs from Leghorns as early as 17 weeks, and mine are now 19.5 weeks. Sooo...I've been watching closely, inspecting the coop and yard for any hidden eggs. Just a few minutes ago, I went out to the coop to check on my girls, and guess what I found....yep...an EGG, right on the floor in the corner.
Soooo cute...and little...and perfect...and....brown? Yep, a brown egg...NOT from any of my Leghorns. I guess it's from Rebecca my RIR, or maybe from Opal my Buff Orp.

I am one very proud and excited chickie-mama

I'm about to go to a baby shower, so I don't have time to post the pics right now, but I'll be back on later to download them from my camera.
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Congrats on your first egg ! I remember last year when I got my first egg , I was so excited I called everyone I knew. ( Yes they thought I was crazy ) . I must have been out in the coop 10 times a day looking for anothor egg. Congrats again.
Hehehe...I'll admit I did the same exact thing!!! I called a bunch of people and sent out a few text messages. My cousin responded to my text message "You are silly." Silly??? I just got my first egg...that is AWESOME, not silly!!!

I have been out to the coop to check a bunch of times for more egss, but nothing yet.
I think I'm more impatient now than I was before!

Sorry I haven't been able to post a pic yet, something isn't working right with my camera or computer. I plug the camera in, but the computer doesn't see it. I unplugged and plugged it in several times, turned the camera off and on several times...nothing. Maybe I'll go to Walmart and transfer the pics to a CD or something....

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