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    May 2, 2011
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    I ended up stumbling across a Hovabator 1602n for $5.00. How good are these incubators? It was stated that it has been used once and has just been sitting in the box since then. When I took it out of the box I noted that the thermostat adjuster had poked a hole in the bottom. Can I seal it with caulking? The piece that was punched out is still there see pics 1 and 2. Pic 3 this little groove is on the top and the bottom. Do they need to be lined up for air flow, is it maybe used as an outlet for a thermometer cord? What is it's purpose? Pic #4. I received 2 bags of this stuff, what is it? Is it some kind of bedding for when the chicks go in the brooder? It is very light in weight so I don't think it is food. This incubator has a few scratches on the outside but the inside is pristine! I set it up yesterday just to see how it holds temps and over 5 hours I had no variations. Any ifo would be greatly appreciated! I did not come with the instructions booklet so I down loaded it from the web. It did not contain the answers to my above questions.
    Picture #1

    and #2


  2. The holes should be ok it your temps are staying steady but you can seal them if you want.
    That bag of stuff looks like sand but I'm really not sure.
    Maybe this will bump you so a real genius can come along and tell you what to do [​IMG]
    Good luck
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    if it holds temp i wouldnt worry. the kids stepped on ours and broke a peice and i glued it back on and tested it for a month and all was well even was incubating an egg until i accidently cracked the egg while candling. i used groilla glue. the grooves are more than likely for an auto turner, so they would have to be lined up and the tuners cord would go through the grooves. as for the bag i have no clue maybe something they used to retain mostior in the bator again I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE BAG IS

    edit: i was checking the temp every time i walked by so like 30 times a day lol as to were it was sitting
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    Thanks for the info. I looked on their website and didn't see anything to do with the bags. So they are mystery bags!
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    I wouldn't worry about the holes and such many styrobator folks allways have a big roll of tape handy, it is a repair all tool for these disposable bators. That big bag of stuff maybe some kind of odd brooder bedding maybe. The Hova at that price was find they are the better ones of the styrobator models.
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    Caulk should do the trick. Worked wonders here. The little square notch is for a turner cord. You line those up for the cord to go through. If you aren't using a turner, you could probably rotate either the top or bottom to reduce the air flow and humidity outlet. The bag of stuff looks a little like that corn cob bedding stuff. That stuff can be lightweight and looks a bit like feed. Great find BTW.
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    I just bought one of these and have had eggs in it for almost 1 week. I've been very impressed with it, so it sounds liek you got a great deal! You can pick up a coordinating automatic egg turner off of eBay..
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    Quote:I have been looking at the turners and the temp/humidity gauges and black orpington eggs and, blue orpington eggs, and splash orpington eggs and quail eggs and........ LOL. I am going to try a couple of eggs from my hens first before I get what I really want. I was thinking the bags were bedding also. The stuff almost looks like bran. I don't think I would want to put any chicks on it as it seems very fly away and I would worry about it causing respiratory problems,
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    The 1602 can be great...can also be horrible. I have one I love, with a turner, and one I hate....so I decided to go out and dish out the big guns and buy myself a brisnea. Which I adore. Takes some tweaking, and monitoring, but you can get quite good hatches in them 10 out of 12 my first hatch. Just have to be patient follow the words of the wise BYC guru's when they say don't open they mean it lol. Also try a few home hatches with your own eggs before going all in. SHipping eggs can be pricey and heart breaking.
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