I got rockin, I got rollin, I got chirpin...


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10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
and if these little quail don't come out, I'm gonna be insane. Patience is not my virtue. I wanna open em up like Christmas presents and see the little buggers.

I spent an hour in the floor last night tryign to find which ones were chirping and rocking, out of 103 eggs, it's like a needle in a haystack.

How long do they normally chirp and bump around before they start pipping?
up to a day or so.. sending u good hatching vibes!!!!!!!!!
Holy crap, you're right, in the past hour I have 9 out of the shell and about 8 more zipped, can't even count the pips any more, this is wild. My daughters will be here in an hour and they are gonna be tickled, and amazed I think. Thanks for the good wishes.
you will be stuck on 'batorvision for a while...... use the DVR and make sure the girls are in bed on time
I am always amazed at how fast they pop out its crazy! Great for kids to watch cuz they are fast keeps the kids looking and not getting bored LOL
Happy hatching

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