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Jun 26, 2013
Hey guys! I'm the happy urban homesteader momma of 8 laying hens, four chicks ,3 rabbits ,and 2 dwarf Pygmys. I have a large back yard with a 6 foot tall privacy fence and have had my chickens for almost 2 years and my goats 1 year. I thought everything was fine and my neighbors were ok with the animals since I have no roosters and they get eggs. But about 4 days ago I got a paper from the city saying I was in violation of city ordnance. There were complaints of me having chickens n goats. It also said I have 15 days to comply. Well needless to say I'm not just going to give up my animals which provide me and my family with the healthiest eggs and milk possible! Any advice guys? Not to mention I love them. My back yard is my oasis.
Lets start with a few more details. Is this a city code or a CC&R rule that you broke. If a city code what does it say exactly. Sometimes there are exemptions for animals that are "pets." How much land do you have? Also sometimes you can get exemptions if the animals are 4-h projects. I would not assume that one of your neighbors did not turn you in. I doubt the city found out about your animals through osmosis. Neighbors can change their minds or tire of situations. If they are displeased with you for any other reason it is an easy outlet. Not all of your neighbors live next door to you. There is also the people who live a few doors down or around the corner who will think that you barn animals will decrease their home values.
That's a good observation! I just figured it was the ones right beside me since I saw a new for sale sign in their front yard. I imagine they think people won't want to buy their house if they knew we had "farm animals". Either way it's silly. I will look on the paper we recieved and see what it says exactly.
That is a city code. Unless you can get a 4-h exemption I think you should see if you can get a free consultation with a lawyer and see what your options are. Usually city's are unwilling to bend the rules. Especially their own rules.
Good luck. Is the goat loud? Maybe Miss Goat makes noise and your neighbor wants to remain anonymous. My 4 chickens make lots of noise! One sounds like a rooster. I do not notice it so glad my neighbors do not mind.
Oh yea they make noise but it's not a bad noise just a maaahh . They never make crazy noises like the ones on YouTube lol! And the hens make noise when laying their eggs:) but that's all. I made sure my goats were subdivision friendly before I brought them here:) oh but speaking of noises - I'm pretty sure there is a poor puppy being tortured every night across the street! Man that dog is annoying! At least my girls are all noiseless after dark
I know what you mean. My neighbors neglected husky barks 8 hours a day. He is secluded as a watch dog next to my windows. They cannot hear him. I have asked him politely, written notes, nothing worked and I had to call and complain.
Why would you live in a place where its illigal to have these pets?

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