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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sully707, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    I got two different rounds of chicks. First, i got 4 leghorns and 1 americanus that were born right around the begining of the year.
    They're right around 5-6 weeks now and about a week ago i tossed them in their coop with a a heat lamp. They seem to like it as they have lots of room to run around. They are getting their feathers nicely and are playful with each other. seems that they are establishing the pecking order. one of the leghorns and the americanus are deffinatly more aggresive than the others. i figure that they will be the roos, but i know thats not always the case.

    Anyways, I got some more chicks that are now 2-3 weeks old and are about 1/3rd the size... if not more.
    I got them seperated from the older ones, but i have introduced them on occasion so that they get to know one another. This morning, i tossed the younger ones in the coop with the older ones and it didn't seem to work as well. The small guys went to the corner and hid as the older ones would peck at them any time they came out from the pack.

    Now my question is..'When should i permanetly let the younger crowd into the general population?' Should i expect this behavior for a couple of days until an order is established? Should i raise them in seperate coops?

    I dont plan on keepin them all. Infact, i am only going to keep the hens and i got a couple homes for the roos as they get a little older.

    Any suggestions would be grateful.
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    I don't know about introducing them when they are small-I wait until they are around the same size as the others. And then not until they have seen each other for a couple days with a barrier. Say, a large dog crate in the big coop. It's like introducing a new cat to the other ones. They have to 'sniff' each other out first.

    I would be too afraid of the older ones picking on the younger ones. [​IMG]

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