I had my first scare today!!!

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  1. KarenP

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    Aug 6, 2011
    For the past few days, i've become brave and left them out on their own to free range. They love it so much, it breaks my heart to keep them locked up!! So it was beginning to get dark, and i went out to lock them in their coops. I have three teenagers in my small coop and 9 adults in my big coop. I opened the small coop to make sure the 3 teenagager were accounted for. OMG......My white crested polish pullet was missing!!! She never leaves the side of the other two. So here i am running around the yard like a nut calling her. My neighbors must of thought i was crazy. I decided to do a head check on the big ones to make sure they were all there just incase i had to look for more than one. So i opened up the coop and low and behold there she was, cuddled between all my adult chickens. They are usually terrified of them. That little brat almost gave me a heart attack!!!!![​IMG]

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    Aug 28, 2010
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    Silly chickens. [​IMG] I had one do that to me one time. I thought she had been left out all night long because I couldn't find her in the coop. Of course she is the favorite so I felt like I was going to be sick.... I ran around like a crazy person calling her and then went back into the coop one more time and there she was hiding in the very back shadows of a nest box. (She is black so I must have missed her on my first look) I pulled her out and made her sit in my lap for about 15 minutes until my legs stopped shaking. [​IMG] Crazy Bird.

    Glad you found your little one.

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