I had to help hatch this.. i expained why in my video ~!~ whole video


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.............I had to after much debate there is 2 part video on youtube and the girl is fine .. after losing 2 to the same issue i decided this one i was gonna help .. good luck if you do try to do this and know what you are doing ... enjoy <
;)here is second video link the hatch...<
>.......to get to them take mouse and highlight link then right click go to copy location or copy etc.. then go to your address bar right click and then press paste and send .. hope you enjoy
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Too cute. I did much the same for one of mine on Sunday - she had been pipped for a long time but wasn't zipping, just had the beak poked out the hole. I have one of those steamers that you use to clean with, and I filled it up and plugged it in and set it up sending steam our way, but far enough back that I could keep my hands in without burning at all. Took an eeensy screwdriver and zipped a circle in from outside, and the bits of shell were just falling right off as I did it - so the membrane was shrunk to her. I eased around with my teeny embroidery scissors and would pull the membrane away and look to check for vessels, then snip if it was clear.

I gave her two - three rests in the hatcher over the course of time it took me to go around her, and after I had the cap off I just left her in there for a bit, and with a few dribbles of water off a qtip into the cup she was sitting in, she got out on her own. She was a good bit weaker than the others were at first, but I think that's because she'd just been stuck so long and was exhausted. So far she's doing great, and she's caught up with them now.

Hope your baby does great! Good job, mom!

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