12 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Bloomsburg, PA
It was day 25 today. I had 2 chicks and one was piping since yesterday. My DH wanted me to help it yesterday but I was strong and said I would give it until this morning. My hands are still shaking. It didn’t make any progress since yesterday and you could tell the membrane was very white and dry. I got my bowl of water, and I could not find and Q-tips so I used T-paper and wrapped it up in a wash cloth. I started braking off little pieces at a time. I went around where I could see it wasn’t stuck on the chick and I left a little bit where it was trying to push and cracked that part. I put it back in the bator for it to do the rest. She is still not out but I will wait because it is breathing good. I guess it after an hour I will try and help again. Did I do ok or should I have waited longer? Thank God I found BYC or I don’t know what would have happened.

I think you did good! The hard part is knowing when to help and not jumping the gun and helping too soon.

We also want to see pctures, please!
Ok, I want to get pictures of them all together. I tried to put the second one ( Ben my DH calls It) in that hatched but the one that was a day older ( churpy my son calles it) was picking at it. I didn't want the second one that was born to get hurt so I separated them. I'm calling the third one Susie Q. OH my goodness we named our chicks. LOL
Well it's been over an hour and I can hear it peeping and see it moving but no progress. I'm going to try and take some more off. Wish me luck.

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