I hate loosing baby chicks.

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In the Brooder
Apr 29, 2015
Logan County Kentucky
I had my first three deaths of this year yesterday. Came home and found 2 of my 4 wk old Americanas dead in the coop. They were in the corner of the brooder so i can only guess they were mashed by the other chicks sometime throughout the day. Now this is what strikes me as odd. I had 2, 3 month old Light Brahma pullets. Big healthy pullets at that. I put a old cooking pot in the coop with them to eat out of. I fed them about 7 pm last night and they were all fine. At about 745 I went back out and she was twisted up in the bottom of the pot and one of my younger pullets was as well. I was able to save the younger one, she is in a box in my laundry room recovering. The only thing I can guess, is she got in the bottom of the pan and the rest piled in on top of her.

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