I hate my Bob White Quail I NEED YOUR HELP


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Sep 29, 2007
I have a nice size pen of Bob White quail,they are all the same age and have been together for quite some time .but they all pick on 2 of the hen and I have to keep putting them off in a small coop by they're selves,all of the outer pick the back of they're skull open,the males and females are doing this to only these 2 girls .i have moved them out and back in atleast half a dozen times.giving the 2 little hens pleanty of time to heal,but when I put them back they do it again in a matter of a couple of hours they will open the heads right down to the bone .... PLEASE someone tell me why are they doing this I NEED HELP


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Jul 27, 2008
Are they crowded? Or maybe they are bored?
I dont know what else to tell you, but those two things would be what I would think first if in the same situation.

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Your better off just keeping them apart, they are funny little critters.

Thats the way they are.

I have many of them as well, and some just dont get along with others, doesnt matter if there raised togeather..

For me when the breeding season starts, sometimes i try to do trio's or quads. It doesnt always work out, so i keep and build lots of quail hutches. Mostly have them in pairs..

When breeding comes around, be prepared cause all hell can break loose with them.
Its not a pretty sight if your not ready to move birds around and fast. it doesnt take long for the damage to happen..death comes along with it if your not ready when it starts. I try to get them in breeding groups early and i can keep a close eye on them till things get started with the breeding, also i do covey small groups(5-10 birds in 4'wx9'Lx3'H pens) once freezing temps set in. but not before. most seem to do good when i put them togeather once good and cold out..

Hope this helps
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Mar 7, 2008
The worst I've had is a cannibalistic Coturnix. I caught a Coturnix male red faced after he partially scalped one male and completely scalped another hen. He was in the process of tearing into another quail when I pulled him out of the cage.

It might be because there are too many males in a single cage, or it could just be that some individuals are more aggressive than others. I immediately butchered this male and since then my cage has been fine.

If _everyone_ is singling out and attacking two hens then there may be something wrong with them. It's just a guess, but animals have a knack of spotting weakness and alienating it. There may be something physically wrong with the hens that makes the flock nervous.

Good luck with them.

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